Hello World!

June 21, 2022

It’s been over 20 years since I first built and managed my own website. I’ve owned various domain names, but I never used my personal domain for anything else than a basic landing page. After giving it a lot of thought, I’ve finally decided to install WordPress on aleidasamallo.nl . With social media everywhere having my own personal blog might sound rather old fashioned, but I miss having my own little corner on the worldwide web. What better moment to finally jump into it than my birthday month? »

What happened to NERDSHOCK HQ ?

Even though I relaunched HQ earlier this year, I’ve realized that I fell back into the pattern of only thinking of blogposts. I would like to create other types of content such as video’s or even podcasts and in doing so actually develop those skills as well. I also enjoy geeking out in the moment, which makes social media such as Twitter a better platform to share my thoughts on recent games, movies and series. I don’t really need a WordPress powered website to geek out anymore, so I’ve set up a spiffy landing page for NERDSHOCK HQ

Up & Onwards

I might not need a blog for NERDSHOCK HQ, I still decided to install WordPress here. I feel less inclined to share personal thoughts and feelings on social media. Having my own personal blog also makes it easier to go off topic and not worry about sticking to a niche. I guess you could say everything goes, haha. So be sure to check back in from time to time. See you around!


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